Complete Day Hike Packing List: DAY HIKING ESSENTIALS

Complete Day Hike Packing List

What you include on your day hike packing list will depend to some extent on your hike.  How long is the hike?  Where is the hike?  What’s the weather forecast? Read about things to consider when choosing a hike – these will also affect what you take.  The longer or more extreme the hike, the …

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Complete Guide to Hiking the Wildcat Trail Monument Valley

Hike the Wildcat Trail

Hiking the Wildcat Trail, Monument Valley is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The Wildcat Trail is not only one of the absolute best Monument Valley hiking trails, it is the only Monument Valley trail that you could hike without a guide.  And one that you will, surprisingly, most likely have to yourself.  Monument Valley is quintessential …

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10 Best Hikes in the Hudson Valley

Best Hudson Valley Hikes

The Hudson Valley is a hiker’s paradise.  Although it is just one to two hours north of New York City, it is a world away in terms of what it has to offer.  You can hike the Hudson Valley around water lily-filled ponds, to scenic overlooks with stunning views of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson …

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The 10 Best Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

Best HIkes Grand Teton National Park - header

Hiking Grand Teton National Park is a real treat.  Canyons take you deep into the mountains so are you surrounded by dramatic scenery; ponds, rivers and ponds give you a good chance to see moose up close and personal; stunning mountain views are reflected in mirror-like alpine lakes; trails take you to hidden waterfalls….  There …

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Hike the Shaupeneak Ridge Trail

Shaupeneak Ridge

A beautiful lake spreads before me.  Thousands of flowering water lilies dot the surface.  Woods surround the lake, providing shelter from the warm summer day.  A lone kayaker paddles slowly by.  I sit on the bench and take in this incredibly beautiful scene.  No time right now to learn how to hike the Shaupeneak Ridge …

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Poets Walk, NY

Poets Walk Trail Header

I sit on a bench in the small rustic gazebo and gaze at the view.  Woods surround me.  A small lily pond, crowded with flowering water plants, ends at the arched bank to a railroad.  On the other side is the beautiful Hudson River.  Dragon flies buzz quietly nearby.  The Catskill Mountains are silhouetted behind …

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Bonticou Crag Hike and Northeast Trail

Bonticou Crag Hike

The red mark indicates straight ahead.  Straight ahead is a tumble of rocks with no clear path between them.  I raise my right foot up as high as it can, shifting my weight onto my toes and press my hand against the smooth rock above me.  I immediately raise my left foot to wedge me …

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Black Creek Preserve Trail

Black Creek Preserve Trail-header

I peer through the trees and see a glimpse of water.  A little further down the path, a gap in the trees opens and the full view of the Hudson River open up.  I sit on a large boulder under the shade of a large pine tree.  Below me is a small pebbly beach.  A …

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