Planning for travel can be stressful. In order to help take the stress away, I have supplied a list of helpful resources for you to use, so that you can focus on having the best experiences possible.

Trip Planner

Plan your next vacation using my comprehensive vacation planner.  From the first step of choosing where to go to the final step of making sure you have your passport with you, and every other step in between, this will help make sure your trip planning and preparation is easy and complete.  

Use my Trip Planner here

Useful resources

One of the most common reasons for being overwhelmed by planning travel is not knowing the best resources out there.  I have compiled a list of the resources I recommend and use – for everything from booking flights and ground transportation, finding the best hotels and activities, and where to get the best gear and accessories.  You’ll find reference to these resources throughout my blog posts, but here they are all together for easy reference.  

Look up Useful Resources here

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is peace of mind when you travel.  However, it can be overwhelming.  I have created a complete guide to buying the best travel insurance, including what travel insurance is and what it covers (and what it does NOT cover), how to buy it, and how to use it, along with a recommendation for which travel insurance to get.   Before buying travel insurance (and definitely before deciding you don’t need it – you DO)…

Check out my Guide to Travel Insurance 

Packing Lists header

It’s hard to know what to pack sometimes.  What you pack can vary depending on where you go and when you go there, as well as for how long.  I have taken two-year backpacking trips, two-week vacations and two-day business trips.    Here you will find packing lists for all kinds of trips, from the basic essentials to specialized items for unique trips.  

Click here for Packing Lists