Guide to Choosing the Best Food Tour

How to choose the best Food tour

Food tours are a great way to discover the typical foods of the place you are visiting. They usually include a range of different foods, including many that you may not have tried (or have thought about trying) before.   The best food tours include different foods, an expert guide and a chance to learn about …

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Making chocolate, Antigua, Guatemala

Chocolate making workshop antigua guatemala

I had dehusked the coca beans, roasted them over a flame, ground them into a thick paste, added sugar and poured them into molds. All that was left was add my favorite flavors – fresh cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla, then pour more chocolate over the top to full the molds. Into the fridge and a …

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Best Food Tour Santiago, Chile

Santiago food tour-header

I am sitting in a cafe with a rustic menu typed on an old-fashioned typewriter and a plastic floral tablecloth.  It’s not fancy.  The sandwich in front of me is pork, basil, mayonnaise, beets and pickled ginger.  I actually don’t like pickles, beets or mayonnaise, so I wasn’t especially looking forward to it, but I …

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Wine Tour Concha y Toro Santiago, Chile

Concha y Toro Wine Tour_Header

The lights go out, plummeting us into darkness.  Flashes of light illuminate the rustic stonework of the barreled cellar ceiling.  Rows of oak barrels, stacked in neat rows, stretch away from us towards the distant wall.  Wine is aging in the barrels, and I am looking forward to tasting more.  Claps of loud noises startle …

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Pasta making class, Rome, Italy

Rome Pasta Making Class

I was sitting at a long table in the large dining/ living room of a chic apartment in central Rome.  I took sip of wine and shared travel stories with my dinner companions about our Roman holidays.  Our hosts shared stories about pasta and bickered with each other in the way that happily married people …

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