The Best Airbnb Asheville, NC

best airbnbs in ASHEVILLE NC

Asheville, NC is the best city in Blue Ridge Mountains to stay, visit and explore.  Not only are there incredible hikes and other amazing things to do in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, but Asheville itself is a must-visit destination.  Come here for the food (it has become a premier foodie destination); the beer (there … Read more

How to Choose a Hotel

How to choose the best hotel-header

Knowing how to choose a hotel that is right for you will make a huge difference to your travel experience.   If you are choosing a resort, you will probably end up spending quite a bit of time in your hotel.  However, even if you are just looking for a place to sleep, after a long … Read more


Where to stay on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a nature-lover’s paradise.  There are several ways to see the incredible wildlife- by cruise, a tour or an independent trip (check out my post comparing these options here).  If you are planning to see the Galapagos Islands by yourself (which I recommend!), the best place to start is my Galapagos Trip … Read more

Where to Stay in Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

Where to stay in Torres del Paine

Towering craggy cliffs.  Bright aqua blue alpine lakes.  Glaciers cracking loudly.  Narrow wooden bridges swinging high above ravines.  Brilliant orange towers glowing in the first light of dawn.  Bright red bushes dotting the landscape.  Rivers and cliffs of ice.  Iridescent blue icebergs.  This is Torres del Paine National Park – chosen by National Geographic as one … Read more

The Best Ryokan in Japan

Best ryokan in japan

So, you want to find the best ryokan in Japan?  Look no further.  This comprehensive guide is here to help you make the best choice for your Japanese vacation. First, a quick overview: What is a ryokan? First things first. What is ‘Ryokan’ in Japanese? A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn.  It is very … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Staying in Traditional Japanese Guesthouses: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO HAVE THE BEST RYOKAN EXPERIENCE

Complete Guide to Ryokan

The room had grass mat floors, walls made of paper sliding doors latticed with thin wooden strips, plain walls and a nook decorated with a simple, but stylish flower arrangement.  A low table with some sweets sat in the middle of the room. I looked around the room, but there was no bed in sight. … Read more