Laguna Torre Hike

As I get to the top of the ridge, my jaw drops in amazement at the scene in front of me. Cerro Torre, a sheer, jagged pinnacle, towers behind the circular Laguna Torre lake.  A glacier glides down the side of the steep mountain.  Two iridescent blue icebergs float lazily around the lake.  This is … Read more

Complete Guide to Visiting Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina: WALKWAYS, BOATS, KAYAKING AND ICE TREKKING

your complete guide to Perito Moreno Glacier

A wide wall of blue ice spreads out before me; almost so close I can touch it.  A narrow strip of water, strewn with tiny icebergs that has calved off the glacier, separates me from the confectionery of ice that forms the glacier.  The crinkled frozen river stretches slightly uphill and through a pass in … Read more

The Complete Guide to Argentina Tango, Buenos Aires

where to see tango in Buenos Aires

He grabs the back of her head and they stare into each other’s eyes.  They twirl rapidly, then stop dramatically.  Legs flick.  She dips down to the floor, stopping just in time.  Their eyes connect and he pulls her up and into a close embrace.   They move around the dance floor in a spinning blur … Read more

El Calafate Glacier Tour, Patagonia

Glacier cruise el calafate

A loud crack splits the air.  The wall of ice in front of us has shards and towers of blue ice, all precariously attached, until now.  Our heads spin, looking to see which part of the glacier will collapse.  A huge chunk of ice breaks off, falling in a puff of icy powder, sliding down … Read more