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Experiential travel is travel revved up. Read the inspiration for, and get practical tips about, the travel experiences I have had.

cook eat drink

Often called food tourism or culinary tourism, this includes food tours, wine tours, cooking classes and food festivals.  I LOVE eating, drinking and cooking, learning and discovering new things about cultures, and meeting new people.

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Dive snorkel

Experiential travel below the surface is truly awe-inspiring.  Diving and snorkeling let you experience the world beneath the seas – there is a whole, beautiful world we rarely see or experience.  Learn what the sites are like, what to see and how to get there.

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To me, experiential travel is all about actively, rather than passively, engaging with the place, the people and the culture you visit or spend time in – when you do various activities in that place.

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Experiential travel includes experiencing and engaging with the natural environment, and what better way to do that than hike through parts of this amazing planet.  Hikes can range from short strolls to day hikes and multi-day treks.

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Experiential travel often provides us with the opportunity to learn something new.  This may be a skill or craft or may be something we didn’t know or understand about a culture.  This includes classes or workshops, or sometimes random learning experiences along the way. Or it may be something we discover about ourselves.

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row sail

Experiential travel doesn’t just happen on land.  I love the water and rowing a canoe or paddling a kayak and hurtling down white water rapids makes me happy.  Sailing too – either literally in a sail boat or sailing around the ocean on a ship – is a great way to experience all this world has to offer.

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