Complete Guide to the Best Lightweight Luggage


Looking for the best lightweight suitcase for your travels?  You’re in just the right spot.  As seasoned travelers, we’ve picked up a thing or two about the best light luggage on the market.

Whether your priority is finding the best lightweight luggage for international travel or you’re seeking the best lightweight luggage with spinner wheels, this guide should help.

We list all the best lightweight luggage here. Checked or lightweight carry on luggage is included, as well as large or lightweight hard case luggage options. The last category also includes sets of the best lightweight suitcases for travel.

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Best lightweight luggage

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What’s the best lightweight luggage overall?

If you’re seeking a quick answer, you can see our top-rated lightweight luggage overall – the Samsonite Omni HERE.

Why buy the Samsonsite Omni?

The Samsonite Omni range offers reliable, high quality luggage. For a premium travel brand, the price tag offers great value too. The range comprises a series of hard side cases with spinner wheels that are suitable for check-in or or carry-on use.

Each is secure, strong and stylish, and comes in a comprehensive choice of color options. Various sizes of the Samsonite Omni are listed across a range of the categories in this guide.

You can also buy the 20, 24 and 28 inch models as a complete set.

>> Check prices for the Samsonite Omni HERE

The best lightweight luggage comparison table

Compare key features easily by using this helpful table. It includes the size, color options and if the luggage is hard or soft sided or has spinner wheels. Whether the case is best used as carry-on or checked bag is also clear to see.

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Best Lightweight Checked Luggage

Samsonite Freeform 28-inch case

Anyone checking a bag will surely be looking for the best lightweight durable luggage they can find.  

The Samsonite Freeform is a large, lightweight hard shell suitcase with a very robust design.  Customers benefit from the backing of a 10-year Samsonite limited warranty and can choose from a range of 12 colors.  

There are recessed push button handles and combination lock, plus multi-directional spinner wheels that reduce shoulder and arm strain. Inside there are multiple pockets, and the fact that this case is expandable makes it easy to fit everything in.


  • The wheels are smooth
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and look after
  • Lots of inside space


  • No instructions on how to set the combination for the lock (to open the lock, set the numbers to 000 then slide the square button)

CHECK PRICE of the Samsonite Freeform checked luggage 28-inch HERE

American Tourister Disney 28-inch case

Who said luggage had to be plain or boring?  If you love all things Disney or are traveling with children, this soft sided Disney-themed case from American Tourister is a must.

It also attracts extremely positive reviews.  It comes in a choice of five different Mickey or Minnie Mouse designs that should appeal to males and females of all ages.  

Four-directional spinner wheels make it easy to move while avoiding arm or shoulder strain.  Inside there are separate compartments and cross straps to keep your items safe.  American Tourister cases are also backed by their 10-year limited warranty.


  • Handles are part of the outside case, so there is much less chance they will get damaged or break
  • The design is cute and makes your bag very easy to identify at the luggage carousel
  • Rolls smoothly


  • Disney design is not for everyone

CHECK PRICE of the American Tourister checked luggage 28-inch case HERE

Samsonite Omni 28-inch case

Samsonite are one of the most recognizable luggage brands in the world, with a great reputation.

The 28-inch Omni is the best lightweight Samsonite luggage out there, attracting consistently high ratings and rave reviews.  This is the ideal case to check in for longer trips, and it has the backing of a 10-year limited warranty.

TSA locks deter theft, while spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver.  This expanding case comes in a choice of 14 colors and the scratch-resistant outer will keep it looking good for years to come.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy handle
  • Expansion makes lots of space!


  • Only has a zipper (not a latch), which can sometimes break more easily (buying a strap will help)

CHECK PRICE of the Samsonsite Omni checked luggage 28-inch HERE

Best Lightweight Luggage: International Travel

London Fog Brentwood II 29-inch case

If you want to look the part, this stylish case from London Fog has plenty of appeal.

The classic design makes it easy to spot on the luggage carousel, and has stain and water-resistant properties to keep it looking good.

This is an expandable case with spinner wheels and an ergonomically designed comfort grip handle. Shoe pockets and an interior organizer will also help you to pack quickly and efficiently.


  • Very stylish
  • Lots of different pockets (inside and outside) to store items
  • Easy to maneuver


  • The fabric can get stained fairly easily

CHECK PRICE of the London Fog 29-inch Cambridge II case HERE

Samsonite Freeform 28-inch case

Those seeking the best lightweight suitcase for international travel should appreciate the robustness of a hard shell case.

This Samsonsite Freeform has a 28-inch capacity as well as reliable, multi-directional spinner wheels.  12 colors are yours to choose between, and the hard finish looks good as well as ensuring strength.

As with other Samsonite products this case comes with the backing of the 10-year Samsonite limited warranty.  A recessed combination lock and push button handles on the outside are complemented by multiple pockets on the inside.


  • Locking mechanism is handy
  • Wheels easily
  • Doesn’t tip over when standing


  • Not a lot of inside pockets for organizing your items

Read additional reviews for the Samsonite Freeform international travel luggage 28-inch HERE

American Tourister 28-inch Disney case

This is a great choice for families – or anyone who wants to make sure their suitcase really stands out at baggage reclaim.  Five cheerful Disney designs feature monochrome shades, denim tones or bright reds, so there’s one for every member of the group or family.

It’s as much about practicality as looks, though, with four-directional spinner wheels, separate interior compartments and inside cross straps.

Like other American Tourister products, this case is covered by a 10-year limited warranty too.

Read additional reviews for the American Tourister international luggage 28 inch case HERE

Best Lightweight Carry on Luggage

Travelpro Maxlite 20-inch carry-on

Travelpro lightweight luggage is among some of the best you can buy, and this 20-inch expanding case is no exception.

This ultra light case is sturdy, featuring stain-resistant polyester fabric, a ‘Duraguard’ water repelling coating and skate wheels.  You can also choose between 8 stylish shades.

This carry on Travelpro case has been ergonomically designed, so it’s easy to move around without causing strain on your muscles or joints.  

There are plenty of handy inside pockets, compartments and adjustable straps, too.


  • Stays upright when standing
  • Wheels easily
  • Durable fabric


  • The handle is not the sturdiest

Read additional reviews for the Travelite Maxlite carry on luggage 20-inch HERE

Samsonite Omni 20-inch case

Another winner from one of travel’s biggest brands comes in the form of the 20-inch Omni.  If you want lightweight Samsonite luggage that you can carry onto the plane, then this good-looking, sturdy case should fit the bill.

Like the larger versions, it comes in a range of 14 cool options.  This spinner case features a scratch-resistant shell and secure side-mounted locks as well as expansion and compression capabilities.

Again, owners also have the reassurance of a limited 10-year Samsonite warranty.


  • Sturdy handle
  • Good value for money
  • Wheels easily


  • The shape is too big for some airlines

Read additional reviews for the Samsonite Omni carry on luggage 20-inch HERE

Travelpro Crew Versapack spinner case 21-inch

This is, without doubt, one of the best lightweight spinner carry on luggage cases.

A lightweight Travelpro bag with spinner wheels, this 21-inch case also comes in other sizes.  The expanding design means it can be used as a check-in bag as well as a carry-on.

Self-aligning, spinner wheels are multi-directional and for added protection there is corner armor and skid guards.  A stain-resistant outer coating and removable toiletries bag add to the practicality of the design.


  • Good quality
  • Lots of inside space
  • Easy to wheel


  • Some airlines won’t allow it as carryon because of the size of its total measurements

Read additional reviews for the Travelpro spinner case 21-inch HERE

Best Hardside Lightweight Luggage

Samsonite Freeform hardside 28-inch case

If you’re in the market for the best lightweight hardside luggage, then the Freeform from Samsonite is a large, check-in case with an incredibly strong design.

The backing of the 10-year limited warranty is attractive, as is the choice of 12 colors.  A recessed combination lock provides peace of mind, while multi-directional spinner wheels make it super simple to move around.

As they’re so easy to control, the wheels also prevent stress on your shoulder and arm.  This case also has multiple pockets, is expandable and has recessed push button handles.

Read additional reviews for the Samsonite Freeform hardside luggage 28-inch HERE

American Tourister Moonlight hardside 28-inch case

American Tourister offer some great lightweight hard suitcases, including the Moonlight range.

The 28-inch hardside case comes in an impressive range of 11 plain colors or patterns.  Inside, various compartments and secure straps make packing simple, while spinner wheels ensure maximum maneuverability.

Lightweight yet robust, this case can look classically elegant or ensure you stand out from the crowd, depending on which design you go for.


  • Nice color selections
  • Good quality
  • Lots of space


  • Scratches fairly easily

Read additional reviews for the American Tourister 28-inch Moonlight case HERE

Samsonite Omni hardside 28-inch case

Those searching for the best lightweight hardshell luggage should certainly take a look at the Samsonite Omni range.

The 28-inch version is ideal for use as a check-in case and it is expandable to suit your load.  Key features include spinner wheels, theft-resistant TSA locks, a scratch-resistant outer shell and a choice of 14 right or neutral colors.

As usual this Samsonsite case is also covered by the company’s 10-year limited warranty.

Read additional reviews for the Samsonsite Omni hardside 28-inch HERE

Best Lightweight Spinner Luggage

Samsonite Omni 24-inch case

We’ve already listed two other sizes of this case in the checked and carry-on luggage categories.  Samsonite are certainly among the best lightweight luggage brands, and have produced another winner with the 24-inch version of their bestselling Omni case.

Just like the larger and smaller cases, the 24-inch Samsonite Omni has that tough, scratch-resistant outer that comes in 14 colors.

There are secure side locks, spinner wheels, push button locking handles and that 10-year warranty.  Pockets, sections and straps inside help you pack efficiently and again this case can compress and expand as required.


  • Well built/ sturdy
  • Don’t tip over when standing
  • Rolls well


  • Wheels can sometimes break
  • No built in luggage tag

Read additional reviews for the Samsonite Omni spinner luggage 24-inch HERE

Travelpro Crew Versapack 21-inch spinner case

This lightweight travel bag with wheels from Travelpro is a professional style spinner case.

As well as this 21-inch carry-on size there are smaller and larger options too.  When packed to its maximum expanding capacity it can become a checked bag, while if it’s used without expansion you can make the most of that permissible carry-on capacity.

The smooth, self-aligning spinner wheels can move in any direction and there are skid guards and corner armor for protection.  The outer coating resists staining and a removable toiletries bag is included.

Read additional reviews for the Travelpro spinner case 21-inch HERE

Samsonite Freeform 28-inch spinner case

As well as checking so many other boxes, the Samsonite Freeform’s multi-directional wheels make it a hot pick among spinner cases.

This case is strong, sturdy and stylish, and comes in 12 color options.  A 10-year limited warranty adds peace of mind, as does a theft-resistant, recessed combination lock.

The spinner wheels are very easy to control, and the clever design also helps to reduce strain on shoulders and arms.  Inside there are multiple interior pockets and the case is also expandable.

Read additional reviews for the Samsonite Freeform spinner case 28-inch HERE

Best Large Lightweight Luggage

Amazon Basics 28-inch hardside spinner luggage

This extra large lightweight suitcase measures an impressive 28 inches, making it ideal for an longer or family trip.  If you’re going away for longer than a week’s vacation, you can pack it all in thanks to this sturdy, sizeable case.

The extra-thick hard shell is super strong, and it has robust solid zip fastenings.  Inside, the interior features a divider and three zipped storage pockets, while a telescoping handle and spinner wheels enhance maneuverability.

This expandable case can hold over 100 liters, yet weighs under 12lbs.


  • Rolls easily
  • Sturdy case
  • 3 zipper inside pockets


  • The handle is not the sturdiest

Read additional reviews for the Amazon Basics hardside spinner case 30-inch HERE

Delsey Paris expandable 29-inch case

At 29 inches, this Delsey lightweight luggage comes in a little larger than most.

This lightweight wheeled luggage looks very stylish, yet is also ultra strong.  Travelers can choose between five colors, and whichever they choose will benefit from a range of impressive features.  These include a lightweight, super-tough ABS construction and scuff and scratch resistant grained finish.

Spinner wheels and a TSA approved lock ensure this is moveable yet tough, while the interior even includes a water-resistant pocket.


  • Expandable, so you can store more or make it smaller.
  • Lightweight, but still very durable.
  • Rolls easily


  • Not the lightest option here

Read additional reviews for the 29-inch Delsey Paris case HERE

Samsonite Solyte DLX 29-inch case

Another superb travel product from Samsonite is the Solyte 29 inch case.

The soft sides ensure it is ultra lightweight, yet it makes the ideal check-in bag for a longer trip away. Inside there are some clever features like the WetPak pocket and smart fix buckles that hold the straps out of the way during packing and unpacking.

There are interior and exterior pockets and compartments, plus four-directional spinner wheels.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Wheels easily
  • Lots of space inside including pockets


  • Not the cheapest option

Read additional reviews for the Samsonite 29-inch Solyte lightweight case HERE

Best Lightweight Luggage Sets

American Tourister Moonlight 3-piece luggage set

This luggage set from American Tourister checks so many boxes for anyone seeking a set of lightweight travel luggage.

21-, 24- and 28-inch cases are included.  The former is one of the finest lightweight carry ons available, while the larger cases are perfect for checking in.

With spinner wheels, this lightweight hard case luggage set is sturdy, practical and stylish. You can also choose between 11 designs, including metallic, marble, iridescent, floral and tropical finishes.


  • Nice designs
  • Lots of space
  • Wheels easily


  • Scratches fairly easily

Read additional reviews for the American Tourister 3-piece luggage set HERE

Samsonite Omni 3-piece luggage set

Quite possibly the best lightweight luggage brand on the market, Samsonite’s Omni cases have already featured in several categories above.  Now we turn to the 3-piece Omni set, which includes this superb case in three different sizes.

Check off all your lightweight luggage requirements in one hit by investing in the set, which contains 20-, 24- and 28-inch cases.

Each of the expanding cases features spinner wheels, a scratch-resistant shell, side-mounted security locks and that 10-year limited warranty backing.  Again you can choose between 14 colors, too.


  • Smooth, sturdy handle
  • Wheels easily
  • Lots of space with expansion


  • Despite being ‘scratch resistant’, it can get scratched

Read additional reviews for the Samsonite Omni luggage set of three cases HERE

Delsey Paris SkyMax 3-piece luggage set

Not everyone wants a set of hardside travel luggage, like those listed above.  If you prefer the softer option, then why not take a look at this Delsey set?

When investing in this set, you get the best lightweight 29-inch luggage – as well as 25- and 21-inch cases too.  

The set comes in a choice of four colors and is backed by a 10-year Delsey limited warranty.  This to quality Delsey luggage is lightweight yet sturdy, with exterior and interior pockets to help you stay organized while on the move.


  • Lots of pockets for storage
  • Good quality fabric
  • Good value for money


  • Handle not very sturdy

Read additional reviews for the Delsey Paris SkyMax luggage set HERE

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the best lightweight luggage

What is spinner luggage?

Spinner cases come with special wheels. These are capable of moving in multiple directions, making the luggage easy to maneuver. As well as being simple to use, this can reduce the risk of strain and injury to the arms and shoulders. This is because the case moves just where you intend it to go, instead of working against you.

What size case should I be buying?

The right size case for you depends on your needs and preferences. As a general rule, a longer trip will require a larger case and vice versa – but it really does depend on what you want to pack.

Carry on cases are around 20 inches. Medium cases are around 24-25 inches and the biggest check-in bags are around 28-30 inches.

Should I go for hard or soft shell luggage?

When it comes to soft or hard cases, each has its advantages. Softer shell cases can bridge the divide between a case and a backpack, while hardside luggage can cope with the toughest conditions.

A hard shell will be strong, yet unyielding. Softer cases may be more prone to damage, but are also more flexible. It really depends on the individual product – and which type you like the look and feel of, too.

What are the advantages of lightweight luggage?

Lightweight luggage has one major advantage – it allows you to make the most of that precious baggage allowance whenever you fly. This can be especially important when traveling outside the States.

While many US-based carriers allow two pieces of luggage per person, many other airlines in Europe and elsewhere only allow around 20-23 kilos (44-50 pounds) each. Excess baggage can be charged for, so using lightweight cases can help to keep your travel costs down.

Being lighter to lift and move, they are also kinder to your body and easier to store.

Why buy a luggage set?

If you like things to match, then a luggage set is a must. 3-piece sets are the norm, and these typically include a carry-on case pls one medium and one large suitcase.

Once you’ve invested in a good quality set, all your travel luggage needs should be taken care of – for many years to to come. Buying a set is also often more cost-effective than purchasing separate pieces.

Which is the best lightweight luggage for you?

Hopefully this handpicked range will contain just the right travel luggage for your needs. Whether you prefer a softside set of Delsey cases, a Disney-themed check-in bag, a compact Travelpro carry-on or a reliable, sturdy Samsonite in your favorite color.

Happy traveling!

Do you have any other lightweight luggage that you highly recommend? Leave a comment below. 

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Best lightweight luggage

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