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I have spent more than eight months in Africa in total,  visiting multiple destinations including an overland trip from the north almost all of the way to the south, plus trips to Egypt and Morocco. 

Africa has amazing animals, incredible scenery, fascinating cultures and wonderful shopping.  This all adds up to  an abundance of awe-inspiring travel experiences.

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Antarctica is the least-visited and most inaccessible continent.  Let’s face it – it’s not cheap, and can only practicably be visited on a cruise.  But it is totally worth the effort to get there. 

The two weeks I spent here were some of the most magical experiences of my life.  Fantastical icebergs, soaring albatrosses, porpoising penguins, lazy seals, playful whales, fascinating research stations, dramatic glaciers, and the most unique spa in the world – Antarctica has it all.

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Asia spans a wide breadth of countries. I lived in Japan, so it has a special place in my heart.  However, the three months I spent criss-crossing my way around China were incredible.  I have also spent a month each in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Korea, as well as time in  India, Hong Kong, Laos and Malaysia. 

All of these places are completely different from each other, but all are equally fascinating.

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There are so many incredible experiences that you have in Europe.  From food tours and cooking classes, to cycling, hiking and even white water rafting. 

I lived for two years in London, got married in Andalucía, Spain, and have traveled to many countries throughout Europe.  

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North America

My first trip to North America was two weeks in New York City.  I had no idea at the time that I would eventually live there and become an American citizen. 

I have traveled overland from NYC to Vancouver, taking five months to cross Canada by train.  I have also traveled overland from NYC down the east coast and through the entire length of Mexico by bus.  And cruised around the Bahamas and the Caribbean while working on a cruise ship, as well as visiting most major cities and many of the incredible national parks in 27 of the states in the USA.



Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. 

I grew up in Australia and have been to several Pacific islands as well, including Hawaii.  I love diving and hiking and the countries and islands in Oceania are a paradise.

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I love South and Central America.  I studied Spanish in Guatemala for two months, so can speak just enough to get by without too many hassles.  

I have had so many incredible travel experiences in Latin America – cooking classes, food tours, white water rafting, hiking, diving … you name it, Central and South America have it to offer.